Saturday, February 21, 2009

Trust, But Verify

Have you heard the one about Obama changing the armed forces oath?

It goes like this:

One day, deciding to comment on Obama's disregard for our Constitution, a blogger wrote a satire piece, pretending to be posting a news article claiming that Obama is going to change the military oath from stating loyalty to the Constitution, to loyalty to the President, namely, Obama.

The people latched onto it and it spread like wildfire, only not the way the original blogger had intended.

Somehow, through the beauty of the internet, the satirical nature of this post was lost, and many other blogs and aggregators began treating this piece as though it were legitimate news.

The reason is obvious; it's just so darn believable.

But it's not true.

Here is the original post, clearly stating this is not to be taken seriously.

If you want a good laugh, read the comment section.

You can check it out on Snopes, too.

In the words of the Great Communicator, "Trust, but verify."

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Anonymous said...

Well so far so good! ;)