Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sally Kern Challenger Announced

The latest candidate to throw her hat in the ring against Rep. Sally Kern is local OKC lawyer Brittany Novotny.

Novotny is a native of South Oklahoma City, graduated from Westmoore High school and went to law school in California. She is now OKC lawyer (who briefly also served in a San Francisco law firm) who specializes in trail law dealing with civil rights violations, wrongful termination and personal injury.

On her Facebook campaign page, she is listed as a registered Democrat and the National Committeewoman for the Oklahoma Young Democrats (assumed current, since there was no date specifying otherwise), as well as LGBT Caucus National Committewoman for the Young Dems.

However, it is interesting to note that Oklahoma Data has her as having registered in Oklahoma in 2007, and only voting once – Super Tuesday of last year. Now, OK Data’s records only go through March 2008, so I’ll assume she also voted in the general in November. But still, that’s only 2 votes. Ever. (At least under the name "Brittany." Not knowing her birth name, I couldn't search for that.)

Novotny is a transgendered individual, who was born a man but now lives as a woman. The local LGBT mag Gossip Boy – which has a section called Sally Fighters (worth checking into, btw), as well as such charming factually accurate anecdotes like Sally Kern (whom they call Frau Butchy, in the typical tolerant liberal fashion) running around restaurants shouting “The homosexuals are coming” and poorly attempt to link Kern to the KKK - reported Monday their enthusiastic support for Novotny.

Novotny represented Keith Kimmel, who was suing because the Oklahoma Tax Commission refused to issue a car tag with the words “I’m Gay” as the plate. Novotny is, also, working on behalf of fired gay school teacher and “LGBT Community icon” Joe Quigley, according to Gossip Boy.

So it’s no surprise that Novotny has been the cover story of (above) and, with Gossip Boy hailing her as a “full-fledged LGBT hero.”

It’s common knowledge the national LGBT movement has put thousands of dollars in Oklahoma elections, such as Jim Roth’s recent run for Corporation Commissioner, and of course for previous (albeit heterosexual) Kern challengers. Again, their track record here hasn’t been very good. Pretty sure they’re somewhere around 0-4 at last count. But you’re welcome to keep pouring money into our economy.

This will surely develop into an interesting race. And keep your eye on that Jim Roth. Rumor is he has his eye on another less prominent seat this season.


JW said...

Thanks for the update. I heard yesterday that she was running. She wrote a letter to the editor in the Oklahoman on Monday about healthcare.

AndrewPrice said...

It's funny how these groups claim to want "tolerance", but then use sexual slurs to attack their opponents. So much for principle.