Thursday, January 28, 2010

Top 10 Things I Learned Listening To SOTU Last Night

From Big Journalism:

10) It’s really, really hard to be President – people expect you to do things and stuff.

9) America needs to be more like China.

8) Five year plans: they’re not just for Stalin anymore.

7) It’s still Bush’s fault.

6) Equity demands that it should be ten times more expensive to go to college in order to do something productive than it should be to go to college in order to become a bureaucrat.

5) Spending more public money on health care will still reduce the deficit. Really. It will.

4) Ending the influence of lobbyists and operating transparent government remains as important a promise to make today as it was during the 2008 campaign.

3) Joe Biden is very, very bored.

2) The problem with Washington is that everyone is eternal campaign mode. Accordingly, everyone should follow the President’s example and limit themselves to no more than 158 interviews and 411 speeches per year.

peolis freeze

1) Nancy Pelosi’s face really is frozen.

(Honorable Mention: McCain-Feingold was passed during Teddy Roosevelt’s administration, for in overturning it the Supreme Court “reversed 100 years” of law).


Jaime said...

i love this!

ae said...

love it!!

Jamie said...

I love this!! Nancy Pelosi gave me motion sickness that night. Her face is frozen but all that blinking and head bobbing drove me nuts!