Thursday, February 18, 2010

Debra Medina and the Truthers: Why It Matters

Something has arisen which I feel needs to be addressed. I do not think I am the best person to do so, but I am the only person I can make do so.

Based on an interview he had with her, part of Glenn Beck's base has violently split from him, denouncing him as either unwilling or unable to 'handle the facts,' and making an issue out of a non-issue: that is, whether or not Texas Gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina is a 9/11 Truther, or pals around with Truthers.

They say that, since she is running for a state-level office and not a federal level office, this is a moot point and should be overlooked. Of course, the majority of those saying this are themselves Truthers. Do they have a point? Would it only matter if we were talking about a federal-level candidate or appointee?

Believing that the US government was directly responsible (as opposed to indirectly, through a series of intelligence breakdowns throughout the 1990s) for the attacks on 9/11 is not the same as believing we faked the moon landing or in Santa Claus.

When you choose to take the position that our government attacked and killed American civilians on American soil, you are making an accusation of mass murder. And not just against George Bush. There are millions of people on the left who hate George Bush who don't think he ordered the 9/11 attacks. It goes farther than that.

Because, you see, part of that theory includes not just those giving the orders, but those receiving them. The orders to fly planes full of civilians into buildings full of civilians were not made to civilian pilots, or even automated drones.

No, the crux of the plan would have relied on soldiers (or airmen, more likely) first slaughtering the passengers on all four flights to prevent them from calling for help (because, you see, the recordings we have of them calling 911 or saying goodbye to their families were fabricated, either through machine or voice actors) and then flying planes into buildings full of thousands of even more civilians. All because they "were just following orders."

This is why I have zero tolerance for any person, public or private, who not only believes but acknowledges such belief as valid. This is worse than spitting on returning Vietnam Vets. It's perpetuating the myth that soldiers are nothing more than mindless, soulless baby-killing machines not only willing but eager to shed blood, friend or foe, so long as they have the excuse of "orders."

It is also why Debra Medina's views on this subject are, in fact, germane to her run for governor.

Anyone with such a view of our armed forces should never be elected to a position of authority over those armed forces. The Governor of Texas is the Commander in Chief of the Texas National Guard, a deployable force made up of men and women who are dentists, students, mechanics and moms. They deserve better than to be led by anyone who thinks there is room for debate over whether or not they are a class of sadistic mass murderers waiting to be let loose on society.


Allison said...

As a Texas citizen, I would not vote for someone who believes that 9/11 was a US Govt. conspiracy. Not for Mayor or Governor or President.

I will have to look into this some more...I was researching Medina today for the first time, actually, and liked what I read on her website.

Also, considering how governors of large, powerful states often eventually become federal is definitely a relevant concern.

LawHawkSF said...

You are right on the money. Anybody who believes the Troofer garbage needs to be in deep therapy, not running for public office--of any kind, anywhere. Even the candidate for local dog-catcher needs to be more sane than that.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Anyone who disputes that the 9/11 attacks were anything other than the work of evil terrorists is a damned fool. Such crazy notions dishonour the lives of those who were lost that fateful day.