Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Updated: Blocked?

So, this is odd.

I tried to share the link to this blog with a friend of mine on facebook via the new instant messaging tool they have.

It was blocked:

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Because it's facebook, they can't tell me who reported it or why.

You know, not that we're adults or anything, but I would imagine that if you had a problem with something a person wrote - an independent blogger, not even a major news outlet - you might mention it to the blogger rather than just reporting the link to block others access to it.

In fairness, facebook has not blocked all access to this link from their site (yet). I'm just not allowed to share the link via messenger anymore.

Just odd.


Facebook has unblocked my link. No notice or explanation. maybe it was a fluke. Who knows. But it's cleared up now.

1 comment:

Mary said...

Typical liberals. They claim they're in favor of free speech and then try to block you if you post something they don't agree with. Hypocrital idiots.