Monday, October 13, 2008

This is why we don’t rely on international law.

The next time you hear some liberal judicial activist talk about international precedent and America’s reputation with the world, raise huge red flags and pay very close attention.

Canadia, in the interest of protecting their alleged “nice” reputation, has now allowed and in fact endorsed the prosecution of speech that doesn’t meet the state-prescribed “nice” factor.

I have a wealth of Canadia jokes, but I will refrain for the sake of international relations (and my mother).

In their new book, The Tyranny of Nice, authors Kathy Shaidle and Pete Vere, both Canadians, outline what they call the campaign toward “state-enforced niceness.”

In an interview with PJM Political, an XM radio show, Shaidle uses an example of an individual, pastor or layperson, who perhaps quotes a verse out of the Bible condemning homosexuality. That person can now be sued, taken before the Human Rights Commission, and legally banned from ever discussing homosexuality, Christianity, the Bible – any or all of these.

One of the problems, as Shaidle points out, is that movements like this tend to eat their young. Originally, Canadian Jewish groups took advantage of this opportunity to smoke out underground Nazi groups. Now, this commission is pulling in people with “Jewish-sounding” last names as possibly being connected with different activist groups.

Oh, and only certain groups that the judiciary classifies as a “persecuted” group (akin to “endangered species”, I suppose) may lodge complaints, such as homosexual groups or ethnic minorities (if Canadia has any other than Eskimos).

If you’re white, Christian and straight, you’re not “persecuted” and therefore unoffendable.

Right now, author Mark Steyn is facing prosecution based in this judicial activism for a book he wrote in America, that was published in America, and that Canadians read and made comments about on American websites.

Where does this particular international precedent lead? We’re already getting a taste of it.

Obama’s mission to quash free-speech (see here, here, and here) now has precedent in the Great White North.

We now have solid proof of Barack Obama’s similarities to socialist nations with crappy health care and unreasonable standards of living. Consider this a gift. We are being given a glimpse into an Obamanation future.

We can’t afford the nice police. I’d be a goner.

For the full interview, download PJM’s radio show for free through iTunes.

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BC said...

Unfortunately, we do rely on international law. We've had close and important supreme court decisions made based on international law and in direct violation of our own constitution.

Mark Levin's book should be required reading: